Watch RGH on HGTV (Cousins Undercover) this Sunday

  John Colaneri, Paul Vicari, Jeremy Strang,  Anthony Carrino


John Colaneri, Paul Vicari, Jeremy Strang, 

Anthony Carrino

Guess who’s on HGTV?  We were contacted earlier this year by HGTV about a new series Cousins Undercover, with John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino from the Kitchen Cousins.  They seek out deserving neighborhood heroes then surprise them with amazing home makeovers. 

We invite you to watch as John, Anthony, community members and RGH project managers Paul Vicari and David Hume upgrade this classic home and touch the lives of an amazing family.  The show airs this Sunday, October 28th at 8pm EST. 

This was such a privilege for RGH to work with John, Anthony, and all the staff from HGTV.  Enjoy the show!


Less than 10 Weeks until Memorial Day Weekend. Is your house ready?

RGH crews working fast to put Hurricane Sandy home back together.

RGH crews working fast to put Hurricane Sandy home back together.

Many homes at the Jersey shore still need work done from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  Most towns along the Jersey shore have adopted a different building permitting process, which takes a bit longer.  If you are planning on remodeling your home, we encourage you to begin obtaining your building permits.  From today, March 18th, there are 70 days to Memorial Day.  Let’s start rebuilding our beloved Jersey Shore.

Check out our Pinterest page for design ideas

Look at some of our work and some of the inspiration behind our work on Pinterest.  

Home renovations can be overwhelming, especially during the design phase.  RGH has developed a Pinterest page for our customers who are in need of a little inspiration.  Here you can find categorized images to fit the diverse tastes of our customers as well as images of some recent RGH designs…



Hurricane Sandy has devastated many areas of the Jersey Shore.  Many homes that were built below proper flood elevations. These homes were flooded, heavily damaged, and in some cases they were destroyed.

RGH Development Company can lift just about any type of home or building using state of the art equipment.  Homes can be lifted, moved, etc.  This may be the time to consider lifting your home and putting garage space under the house.

Please call us for more information.