Paul Vicari - "I highly recommend him"

A few months back, many of the workmoms sent me recommendations for a contractor with a good eye who could draw up plans and build our bathrooms.

I met with 5 contractors and got a great vibe from Paul Vicari, a Project Manager at RGH Development out of Maplewood. His pricing was the same as most of the others, his follow through was stellar, his references were all incredibly positive and he struck me as the kind of guy who would have a crew show up every day until the job was done.

My bathrooms are now almost completely done and I can't rave enough about Paul. He is very organized and concerned with every detail of the work. He doesn't take on more than he can handle. His crew was at my house every single day with no exceptions because they get paid by the job, not by the hour. They finished the bathrooms quickly and meticulously. When I called, he answered pronto....When there were surprises, he made sure I signed a change order first so that I didn't just get a charge after the fact. His vendors for tile, granite, plumbing were all great.....His crew was also VERY CLEAN. My house was broom swept every night and when they were done, they cleaned my whole garage.

While he did a small job for me, I spoke to people who had him do kitchens, full additions, etc...All the people had used him more than once....

I highly recommend him.  No aggravation. I am going to use him again and again!