Need to lift, elevate, or move your home for FEMA flood elevations?

The process of raising or moving your home can be overwhelming

RGH Development Company has taken our house lifting experience and developed an easy to follow guideline to help home and business owners understand the process involved in lifting a structure to the new FEMA Base Flood Elevations (BFE).  RGH is lifting homes throughout New Jersey and in areas of Staten Island, New York.

In the process of raising a house for a flooded home in NJ

RGH provides 2 basic types of services house lifting services:

1.     RGH acts as a general contractor. The homeowner selects and pays the design, engineering, and architecture fees.

2.     RGH offers a turn-key house lifting service where all trades are included.  Project costs are presented in the beginning in one comprehensive package.

Turn-key House Lifting Package:

Phase 1: Design


Raising a house from hurricane flooding in New Jersey

During this phase we discuss the architectural or engineering design.  We go over what we need to do to comply with local and FEMA building codes.  This is also the time where we can examine customized options like decks, additions, chimneys, etc.

Phase 2: Pre-lifting and setup

Home Elevation in New Jersey
  • After the design phase is finished our team works on all the necessary items required prior to lifting.
  • Files for permits
  • Disconnect utility services and cut and cap water and sewer lines

Phase 3: Lifting, foundation, and piers/pile work

  • Excavate and raise house
  • Install new raised support system
  • Build on top of existing footings and foundations
  • Install helical piles
  • Carpentry work – beams, sills, girders, decks are installed
  • Lower house
  • Connect any cut plumbing, electrical, and utilities services